Why Were Australian Esports Pros Banned For Gambling?

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has banned seven Australian CS:GO professional players for gambling on contests in which they were competing. They have all been handed a 1-year month suspension from all esports. To engage in legal online betting unlike these esports players head to Woo Casino Australia

ESIC ran an investigation into betting activities within the Mountain Dew League by numerous players after receiving tip-offs that some players were illegally gambling on their own matches.

ESIC found that during the Mountain Dew League, numerous players breached their rules by placing bets on certain games that the players had direct influence over. The ESIC also found that the players had instructed family and friends to place bets for them in an attempt to hide their gambling. The ESIC report states that all guilty parties must serve a 1-year ban from esports contests.

ESIC has said that as the offenses are serious and potentially illegal, they have forwarded their investigation to the local police. The players may face criminal prosecution, which could entail large fines and potential prison time. 

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The Australian police have shown they are willing to go after esports cheats. In May 2020, the Victoria police arrested five esports players over allegations of match-fixing and manipulation. This marked the first criminal investigation into esports in Australia. As esports grows, it is likely more investigations will be undertaken.

The esports officials have sent a strong warning to other professional players that think they can get away with illegal gambling. The watchdog has put out a statement that it closely monitors betting activity and can quickly identify odd patterns. The watchdog said it is willing to perform complex investigations and punish cheats in order to maintain the fairness of esports and protect the integrity of the sport. 

Australia has been experiencing an esports gambling boom which has tempted many players to top up their earnings by making bets on matches they can influence. The ESIC has explicitly stated that this is illegal and will result in bans. 

Match manipulation is a serious offense and is something the ESIC is constantly battling against. They are currently investigating multiple cases of match-fixing and more betting scandals which are alleged to have taken place throughout the Mountain Dew League down under and abroad. The ESIC is working closely with other agencies, including the police, to assist in their difficult investigations. 

The complexity of the cases makes proving guilt very difficult, and investigations can take months. These investigations are slowed down even further by the ESIC needing to work with other agencies. These barriers haven’t stopped the ESIC from aggressively targeting esports cheats to protect the industry and keep the matches fair.

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