Lacrosse betting. Is it worth the time and effort to bet on Lacrosse?

Power plays are allowed in lacrosse. They are often used by defenders. Therefore, participants wear protective shields on various parts of the body and a helmet on the head. Despite this, athletes are not as often injured as it happens in American soccer and hockey. Lacrosse has a clear division of players into defenders and forwards. Defenders only defend, and forwards only engage in offensive action.

What is it?

Lacrosse is most popular in the United States and Canada. In those countries, there are professional leagues in the sport. The sport is very popular among students. Lacrosse appeared in the mid-19th century. In the program of the Summer Olympics, it was included in 1904. However, at the following games it was excluded from the program, since at that time only two countries had teams in this sport.

The first World Lacrosse Championship was held in 1976. Currently, the tournament of the strongest national teams is held every 4 years.

Features of lacrosse betting

North American bookmakers accept bets on lacrosse. The main types of bets are bets on the winner and on the draw in regulation time. Bets on total and individual totals as well as team handicaps are accepted.

  • If the game is interrupted and not resumed within a day, bookmakers often return the players funds for this bet in full. If there are unplayed live bets, they are also calculated at odds of 1.
  • Lacrosse cannot be attributed to the sports on which you can significantly increase the game bank with bets. The national championships are held in the United States and Canada. For this reason, few European bookmakers take bets on lacrosse. Not even all American bookmakers include lacrosse matches in their lines.
  • When analyzing lacrosse matches, keep in mind that surprises in lacrosse don’t happen very often. Favorites usually win. It is better to bet on plus or minus handicaps. In the lists you can find enough variants of forwards with good odds.
  • Lacrosse matches take place both outdoors and indoors. This point should also be taken into account before placing a bet. If the bout takes place outdoors, the weather should be taken into consideration. Inclement weather usually greatly affects the performance of teams. It’s like in soccer, when the defending team has an advantage over the attacking team on a bad field. In lacrosse, this is not as pronounced, but nevertheless, total less runs more often on rainy days.
  • When analyzing games before betting, it is important to consider the level of substitute players. In lacrosse, 9 substitutions are allowed. If a team has a good reserve, it can add at key periods of games and win the meeting. Therefore, it is very important to consider the level of the reserves.


Lacrosse cannot be considered the only sport for serious betting. Despite good odds on many positions, the number of tournaments and matches in the rosters leaves much to be desired. Perhaps in the future it will become more popular, and it will be included in the Olympics program. Then it can be considered as a full-fledged sport just for betting.

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