Is it possible to win all the time at roulette?

This simplicity from generation to generation attracts more and more new players.

The ideal game system is:

  • A betting system, that is, in what sequence, where, and how much you bet;
  • Financial planning – the composition and distribution of the game budget;
  • strategy.

Everyone who knows about roulette has their own idea of what it is, what the possibility of winning at it is, and how fair everything is. But often this opinion is partly wrong. 

Online casinos make huge profits from their operations because it is built that way, and the probability of winning is higher than that of the player.

The nuances of winning at an online casino

As an example, you can explore two types of bets, but there are many more. 

  • One can bet on one specific number that can fall with a probability of 1/37. It is calculated based on the fact that there are thirty-seven cells in the roulette wheel. The thirty-six have the colors black and red in equal proportions, and the thirty-seventh cell is represented by green, and it shows the number zero. This is the special number that allows you to increase the share of the winnings in favor of the online casino, not the player. The player wins when the ball hits his number and his winnings are increased thirty-five times. But if the wrong number falls out, the winnings go to the casino.
  • The second common way is to bet on the color – either black or red. The possibility of winning is 48.6 percent. The player, when winning, gets double the winnings.

Is it real to beat the casino?

One may wonder what the catch is, since the probability of winning is almost the same for both the player and the casino. The main question arises: how can you not only have fun while playing, but also beat the casino at roulette?

It seems to be quite simple – make a bet, double it if you lose, win and withdraw your winnings. But not everything is as obvious as it may seem at first sight:

The principle of roulette is built on mathematics, but everything in it is so calculated that the player eventually loses, and the amount of loss tends to 2.73 percent.

The online casino applies betting limits, no matter how much the player doubles, eventually he will reach that limit and cannot exceed it.

All of this leads to the conclusion that what matters in the game is not the system and the methods, but the advantages that the player has. First, at any point in the game he can finish it and get out. Secondly, to change the size and number of bets at its discretion, but within the limits, which are allowed in the casino.

But this does not mean that observing these rules and opportunities, you can always be in the winnings. To be the best at roulette, it means not to win a lot, but as little as possible to be in the loss.

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