Single Event Sports Betting Bill Has Come A Long Way

On Thursday, March 26, the Canadian parliament voted for the amended single-game sports betting bill. Even though Canada has come a long way to develop and modify the bill, it seems like it is not the end of the challenges. Luckily, PlayAmo Canada has never faced any problems as it is licensed by the Curacao eGaming Commission and is 100% safe.

Even though the members of parliament supported the bill, it was amended by the Committee on Justice and Human Rights, which removed horse racing. Horse racing was the only thing removed or amended by the Committee. 

Why did the Committee remove horse racing? It was said that horse racing revenue came from wagering through pari-mutuel wagering. The members of Parliament wanted to secure this stream of earnings for the state and to keep more than 55,000 working places throughout Canada. 

The single-event betting bill will soon be sent to the Senate, but it is far from being fully passed. This bill was proposed by a private member, and, therefore, it is not the first problem that the House will have to solve. The bill must be considered in the third hearing that will probably happen only in two months. Moreover, the Canadian Parliament will have a two-week Easter vacation which will last up to April 12. This could mean that the third hearing will be postponed until after May.

The third hearing, scheduled for May, is of crucial importance because there is a chance of Trudeau dissolving the Parliament. If the Prime Minister does so in spring, there will be elections in June which will postpone the third hearing and the whole process. If the Parliament is dissolved, the lawmakers will be able to return to the bill only at the beginning of the next year. And there will be no guarantee that the bill will be passed quickly or if it will be passed at all. A similar bill in Canada was proposed seven years ago, but soon the process stopped.  

The Attorney General also introduced how own sports betting bill, which would be considered quicker as it was proposed by the state and not a private member. However, Attorney General’s bill was not considered by the administration of the Committee. 

Canadian Senate May Also Be in the Way

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The Parliament member Kevin Waugh said that if the bill got amended, the Senate could delay its adoption. The lawmakers were thinking about changing some provisions of the bill, adding articles about the participation of indigenous nations. Supporters of the bill are sure that these amendments will delay the process of passing the bill to the Senate. 

If the single-game betting bill is passed, it would modify the current legislation and allow to bet on single-event sports games. Right now, according to Canadian law, only parlay wagering is allowed, which is less profitable for bettors. If the bill is passed, it will allow provinces to issue licenses for operators and independently approve sports wagering. 

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