Live betting using soccer as an example

It is another thing to follow the game and try to predict what will happen during the match. So, live betting means making them during the match.

Live betting is probably one of the best options for betting beginners. And, of course, for those who have information about individual teams and their abilities to “turn” the game in a decisive moment.

Live bets and their types

As a rule, live soccer bets mainly consider the following time events:

  • Who will win the first half?
  • How many goals will be scored in the time slot?
  • Who will score?

And there are also many variations that involve a mix of factors or a specific case. But they all have one thing in common: These options are limited to the time of the match.


Perhaps one of the important points in real-time betting, is a certain factor. Namely that the odds can change due to the importance of the circumstance that happened in the game.

In this case, in soccer, this circumstance is a goal. In addition, the office does not accept in-play bets at a corner kick, as well as a free kick.

The game becomes in a static state, in which anything can happen in the future. After such an event the quotes return to the game or change when the goal is scored. In addition, you can tip the scales in the in-play red card, which is known as removal from the field.

Division of live betting by time

It is worth noting that bets are divided by time frame. Either for the whole match, for the 1st half, 2nd half or 10 minute segments of the game. In these segments, anything can happen. This is what we need to predict.

For the beginner, the best option would be to bet on one of the halves or a bet after the first half of the meeting. And, of course, on a particular team, which the player has chosen as his research, from which you can make a profit. The option to bet on ten-minute segments and on these events carries huge risks due to the transience of the bet.

Ten minutes in a soccer game is just one cycle in which there is very little chance of an event happening. It is just a cycle of a whole game where the opponents will be learning from each other. So, if you take the beginning of the game and the fact that the opponents are about equal in class. Then, in this case, it is likely that all events will occur in the second half, as time has an impact on the two teams.

An example would be half of the matches in the Russian Football Premier League or mid-majors in the games of the leading European championships. This is where the phase of the game becomes decisive, and it becomes the best option for a beginner to bet after the first half, when the vector of the game is already set and teams have goals after the break.

Love betting in soccer

Also one of the best options for betting in real time are, betting on the match total (the amount of goals scored in the game). This option is good because it is the main task of the soccer club in the game, that is, to score more goals than the opponent.

And this bet does not depend on certain specifics, such as who will score, at what minute or which team will score a goal. However, it is possible to simplify the situation concerning the individual total (how many goals a certain team will score).

After all, the player usually follows either his favorite team or a particular team, whose metrics of success or game is calculable. This is especially evident in international cup games, where teams from different countries meet, where the level of championships are very different depending on the class of players and the financial component.

The specificity of the championship also has its own weight. You can also bet on whether a particular player will score in the game, but here it all depends on the performance and level of the championship, as well as on his health at the moment. In addition, there are not many players of the highest level, especially the strikers.

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