Live betting: Betting in LIVE mode

The apparent ease of playing online is fraught with a lot of trouble. You must understand that each event is evaluated by the bookmaker with such odds, in order to make a profit in the maximum number of cases. It is always necessary to calculate the margin of the office and realistically assess the state of the teams during the game.

In order to give beginners the opportunity to learn how to place live bets, we have created a page where the Bet Advise bookmaker makes LIVE bets.

Live betting shops

It should be understood that betting online is definitely better on the site of the office. Doing it at an outlet is very inconvenient and inefficient. For example, if you saw a good online odd, but while you were telling the cashier the name of the event and while she found it, a lot of time passed and the good moment was lost. In some situations, it happens that the cashier doesn’t work at all, because there is a collection, etc. At home, you can watch one or more games in a calm atmosphere and make bets on time.

Before making a bet, it is advisable to study the rules of the office, which relate to this type of betting. It is necessary to understand some of the nuances of calculating the bets. For example, how will the bookie, if you bet on the wrongly inflated odds. Sometimes there are failures in quoting, and events with a high probability of being evaluated by high odds. Some betting shops reserve the right to calculate such bets at odds of 1. Others, on the contrary, admit their mistake, but pay out the winnings in full.

It is important to choose a bookmaker with a well-functioning website. It is extremely important that the site works without interruptions. It is desirable that it has a mobile version.

It is very important to find a bookmaker which does not put obstacles in the way if you start to beat him and increase your bankroll. It often happens that in the beginning the bookmaker provides good opportunities for online betting, and then begins to cut the maximums on certain positions in the listings. Many successful players complain about this. To avoid wasting time on trial and error, it is better to read objective and informative reviews about the bookmakers and choose the ones that offer good opportunities for live betting.

When choosing an online betting company, pay attention to the possibility of viewing live broadcasts on the bookmaker’s website. Many modern bookmakers provide users with links to live events after registration. A prerequisite for successful online betting is the presence of quality broadcasts. Events in the match are changing rapidly and you need to react to them in time, making the right bets.

Naturally, it is very important to know what margin is set by the bookmaker for the sports you are interested in. You should independently calculate its value on individual positions in the spreadsheet. This can be done as follows. Before you start the game, make a table for yourself In it separately write down the main positions on which the bookmaker offers to make a bet. For soccer, these will be bets on totals, handicaps, outcomes, goals in the intervals of the match. Quotes will change in the course of the game.

Make 5-6 intervals of 10-15 minutes. In the course of the game prescribe values of odds in these intervals for each type of bets.At the end of the game you will get the filled table with odds. Next you need to calculate the margin for each pair of odds. Having made such calculations for 5-6 matches from different championships you will be able to choose the most favorable championships and types of live sport bets.

If you see that the margin on many positions exceeds 7-8%, then for this sport, the selected office is not quite suitable. Look for a bookmaker offering more favorable odds.

More attention should be paid to tournaments, which are not popular among bettors. Quotes for such matches are usually more favorable than for matches that fall into the top category.

A good line and good odds for live betting has Betsiti and 1x bet.

How to Bet in Live Betting

The procedure for betting on the sites of the offices usually does not cause any difficulties even for beginners. Bookmakers are trying to simplify this process as much as possible. Even on a cell phone it is easy to figure out how to find the right positions. Usually, live betting is available on the first screen, when you enter the site of any betting company.

Live betting strategy

To win at the bookmaker in live betting, it is necessary to be well versed in the basic nuances of the game, to manage your own bank correctly and to use a suitable strategy.

You can learn how to manage your bankroll within a few hours but it is much harder to learn a strategy. You need to pick one that is suitable for you. You have to be aware of the individual points and understand why, for instance, in one game the team was playing at its best, and in another game it didn’t show half of its potential.

While in pre-match betting the statistics of the matches played by the team are important, in live sports betting they do not play the most important role. More precisely, many of the statistics are not that important. Of the important statistics, we can note the totals in halves, match intervals, yellow cards and corner kicks. But it is a mistake to focus only on them, without getting into the nature of the game.

What should you pay attention to while watching a match? First and foremost, it is necessary to determine how motivated the teams are for a particular match. Before the game, it is very important to look at the standings. If the team is extremely important to win, it will not sit on its side of the field, rolling the ball across the penalty area.

The desire to score and win is immediately visible in the players. Lateral midfielders try to break through closer to the penalty area, the central midfielders also aim to attack and supply their attackers with balls. Constant breakthroughs, crosses, shots and free kicks accompany this match. If both teams play this way, we should expect goals, so we can bet on the total more.

If the teams don’t bother going to the penalty box and the game is played in the middle of the field with no chances, then this game is more of a tie. Betting on goals here is risky.

Roughly the same can be said of hockey. The only difference is that the events in the game are more fluid. Shots and goals happen more often.

Team sports must be distinguished from individual sports. In teams, individual players’ mood swings do not affect the team’s level of play as much. It is the opposite in individual disciplines like tennis, for example.

The tennis season is very full of tournaments. The difficulty is that different tournaments have different surfaces. And it greatly affects the level of performance of athletes. Even the first numbers perform very differently at the major tournaments with different surfaces. Federer and Sampras’ performances at Roland Garros and Wimbledon are good examples. These tournaments are separated by a few weeks, but the successes of the greatest masters at them are very different. That’s why it’s very important to consider on which surfaces a tennis player shows his best tennis.

There are typical rubber players who win one tournament after another on clay or sand and get thrown out in the first round on hard court. There are players who are better on hard courts, but fail to show anything remarkable on the ground. All these points should be taken into account and one should study well the specifics of games on different courts and tournaments. Only after gaining a good knowledge, you can start betting online.

Types of sports for live betting

Successful players usually do not just focus on one sport. They choose the most suitable betting type and tournament or even team and player for themselves. Such tactics allow them to get a good knowledge of the betting objects and make the right decisions as the game progresses.

For example, if you are betting on Total Live, you choose teams that score a lot and concede a lot. Watching them play, it can be noted that the players spend more time attacking and drawing combinations, while the defense is not as organized and occasionally makes mistakes. All of this sooner or later leads to goals against one or the other. Naturally, experienced players notice all such moments in the game and find a good opportunity to bet.

It is very difficult to follow teams in different sports and to be well versed in all the nuances of sports disciplines. As a rule, online betting on the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis 

Therefore, do not need to scatter, and pay more attention to a single discipline, and preferably – one type of betting, for example totals, handicaps, corner kicks, yellow cards, etc.


Live bets during the match will only bring profit to those who fill out the game slip with a cool head and do not chase after super high profits. Players who cannot control their emotions and are prone to gambling are not recommended for online betting. Sooner or later, this approach leads to bankruptcy.

Only correct calculation of bet size, the ability to use sports and financial strategies will bring profits in the long-term game of in-play.

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